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FOX News
Jan 10, 2013 8:00am PST
, southwest into mississippi. forecasters are also warning of severe flash floods. meteorologist janice dean is live from the our fox news weather center. southwest mississippi is what i should have said, right, jd? >> louisiana, mississippi, alabama all the way up the mississippi river, jon scott. tornado warnings, we've had several warnings throughout the morning and we have a tornado watch. that is good until 2:00 p.m. local time for portions of louisiana into mississippi. tornado watch meaning conditions are favorable for tornados and right there we have a tornado warning east of homa we're spotting strong rotation on doppler radar. earlier today we had a trained weather spotter indicate a tornado was on the ground around baton rouge. this is a very dangerous situation. also because we have so much heavy rainfall these tornados can be rain wrapped so you can't see them coming. the other part of this because we have so much heavy rain flash flood watches and warnings for much of portions of mississippi river valley along louisiana up towards the mississippi where you see the maroon shaded
FOX News
Jan 9, 2013 8:00am PST
on these farmers an ranchers. the right now the corps of engineers is focused on the mississippi river and able to get crops. jenna: i heard some of the barges are own half full is that right? because the weight, they're worried about running aground? >> that's correct. the river is basically down to a very minimum in terms of barge traffic and as a result, the corps is working to clear up a channel for the barges that requires work to clear out rocks that have been there forever obviously. they're doing it on expedited basis. this interrupts the flow of traffic which is infortunate. fortunately we still have traffic on the mississippi. there were concerns we might not even have it at this point in time. we have to keep our fingers crosses that the water will flow down the mississippi. jenna: you think about droit and barren fields but how important the mississippi river is to commerce in country. they ended up extending the old farm bill. the question of the role of government we talk about a lot these days. i was doing interviewing and research leading up to this segment. i got two different
FOX News
Jan 30, 2013 11:00am EST
down towards the central gulf. it's down across the mississippi river valley, that's what they are exploring now to see what kind of damage was done. right now we're seeing this here across parts of the south especially. areas of georgia and still, alabama maybe into south carolina is what we're going to see the biggest chance of tornado. one tornado warning moving across north georgia, though, reports of damage already from that cell. we'll watch that. a few severe thunderstorm warnings up across parts of pennsylvania. this entire line will go all afternoon into the overnight hours and move through the eastern seaboard. it will take until around 7 or 8:00 tomorrow morning before this is completely gone. anywhere you see this yellow, anywhere from around philadelphia all the way down toward the panhandle of florida today under the threat for severe weather. i think i the worst of it though, tornadoes down across areas of georgia, south carolina. lore raid doe texas yesterday got to 94 degrees. january 29th, 94 degrees. 70 in topeka, kansas. 63 in chicago. that is all about
FOX News
Jan 31, 2013 8:00am PST
on earth. (all) the gulf! it doesn't matter which of our great states folks visit. mississippi, alabam louisiana or florida, they're gonna love it. shaul, your alabama hospitality is incredible. thanks, karen. love your mississippi outdoors. i vote for your florida beaches, dawn. bill, this louisiana seafood is delicious. we're having such a great year on the gulf, we've decided to put aside our rivalry. now is the perfect time to visit anyone of our states. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautiful. take a boat ride, go fishing or just lay in the sun. we've got coastline to explore and wildlife to photograph. and there's world class dining with our world famous seafood. so for a great vacation this year, come to the gulf. its all fabulous but i give florida the edge. right after mississippi. you mean alabama. say louisiana or there's no dessert. this invitation is brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. but take comfort. it may not be you; it may be your razor. upgrade to gillette fusion proglide. micro-thin blades are thinner than a surgeon's scalpel to put
FOX News
Jan 11, 2013 8:00am PST
and mississippi. how do you figure that? i guess maybe it's the luck of the draw there. many schools are taking extra precaution to keep everyone healthy. in ohio there's a special machine that they're using in schools, in classrooms and bathrooms and locker rooms, to disinfect them once a week to try to keep the flu from spreading. rick leavening that is in pennsylvania at a hospital in allentown. one of the reasons why you're there is because they've set up tents outside the main building to deal with the overflow of flu patients. how is that going? >> reporter: well, jenna, as you said, pennsylvania one of the many states with a widespread flu virus. they have dozens of extra people now walking into the emergency room every day with flu-like symptoms, and today just don't have high school to -- they just don't have room to treat them all. everyone who comes here is evaluated first. if their symptoms are severe, they are treated in the hospital, and those with less severe symptoms are brought out to that mobile surge tent. >> the capacity was overwhelming. not only with patients being seen, b
FOX News
Jan 25, 2013 8:00am PST
mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who ca the gulf home. jon: right now brand new stories and breaking news. new developments for boeing's high profile dreamliner. we'll tell you what's keeping the fleet on the ground perhaps for months. >>> and some tough words for the white house press corps, a new report calling them amateur and juvenile. we've got the details on what's behind those accusations. >>> and a major food scare, horses and millions of burgers taken off supermarket shelves. disturbing revelations of what was really in the meat. we begin. arthel: so good to see you on this friday, a brand new hour of "happening now" with more news. more problems for boeing's new dreamliner fleet. i'm arthel neville. jon: good to have you, arthel, i'm jon scott. the national transportation safety board saying its investigators have not been able to identify the cause of a pair of battery problems that prompted airlines around the world to ground the big 787s. one caused a flight to make an emergency landing in japan. the head of th
FOX News
Jan 15, 2013 8:00am PST
south, mississippi river valley, tennessee river valley into the afternoon into the afternoon. flights canceled out of dallas that will be a ripple affect across the country. jenna: a great heads up for us, jd, thank you. jon: let's take a look at headlines from around the world right now. a new wave of violence in belfast, ownre ireland. protestors loyal to great britain highjack two buses and throw rocks at police. the clash between catholics and loyalists began weeks ago when the belfast city council decided to end the tradition of flying the british flag over city hall every day. 19 dead, more than one hundred injured when a train derailed outside cairo. the train was carrying military recruits. this is two weeks after a new transportation general was made to improve transit systems. airports getting back to normal today after a massive snowstorm stranded thousands of people. several highways were shut down due to the bad conditions. jenna: a landowner goes to court against the government claiming he's the victim of a shake down by uncle sam. we'll tell you about that story coming
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 8:00am PST
disoriented. 50 bodies were found inside the bathroom, people mississippi taking that bathroom door for an exit door. this area has been overwhelmed, the tiny morgue overwhelmed with dead bodies, the bodies moved to a gymnasium, that's where parents came to identify their dead children. >> i lost my son in this tragedy. someone who was full of life and health at 27-years-old. >> she has just been identified but we thought she was at the hospital. >> in addition to the 230-plus killed more than a hundred are in the hospital. neighboring argentina has offered to supply a stock of human skin to try and help some of those burn victims. jaime. jaime: steve, thanks. jon. jon: israeli intelligence officials are confirming a major explosion at a nuclear facility in iran. it happened early last week at one of the country's most sensitive enrichment sites for uranium. iran has doe need media reports dismissing them as western propaganda aimed at influencing upcoming nuclear negotiations. let's talk about it now with steven yates, former deputy assistant to the vice president for national secu
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)